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  G SAT SKYNET Dream satellite SES 9 Apstar 7 KoreaSat 5 degree 108.2°E 76.5°E 113.0°E dish direction Southwest West Southwest dish size shanghai 75cm 75cm 55cm dish size beijing 75cm 90cm 55cm Video: HD/SD HD/SD HD/SD SD First Installation ¥3,050 ¥4,450 ¥2,950 Yearly Renewal ¥2,350 ¥3,350 ¥2,450

G Sat Guangzhou

For customers in Guangzhou, we can send the receiver box by courier. Price is RMB2,950 with a one year subscription included. Shipment cost included. Once the the box is connected to a dish pointing to G Sat at 108.2°E, we can remotely activate the box in 24 hours. Page One: Page Two: Page Three: Page Four:

G Sat Suzhou SIP Installation

This is the Ku band satellite dish of 75cm in diameter. The dish is a little bigger than regular DishHD antenna which is 60cm. The dish requires two small supporting beams. It’s facing basically South. This the dish from back. This is how big and where it is normally installed. G SAT TV Channel List: