5 Things To Consider When You Are Deciding Dish TV Installation In Shanghai

Finally you know that you have to watch some TV of your own type, same as what you got before you come China. So what are the options? Which things you should consider very well before you go ahead?

Here I have 5 points suggestions for you to think about before you install a satellite dish.

1. TV Programming:
You have to make up your mind on your priority channels: Sports? or News? Movie? Do you have to consider family and kids?

Check channel line up of G Sat and Dream thoroughly and make a final decision.

2. Picture Resolution:
All channels on Dream are 480i; Most of G Sat channels are 1080i high definition.  From this perspective it’s easier for you to decide, go HD!

3. Professional Dish Installer
You have to ask a professional to do the work to make sure things are properly installed without a dozen of headaches waiting for you. Dish quality has to be good, anti rusting, stands over years without problems against Shanghai’s storms, raining, hot weather, humidity and dust, don’t forget its quite windy on  high buildings; Cable and connector, distribution to different rooms and good quality connectors and distributors…every parts count! Wherever there’s a tiny problem, the system won’t work and you have wait for repair at extra costs.

4. Price & Services
Consider to increase your budget from SD to HD. High definition represents the future, you will surely feel regretted if you did not go HD in the near future. People who have HD system will never be able to bear the poof quality of SD any more.

Make sure the company has local supports based in your area, which should be efficient, fast and on time so you enjoy the worry free watching everyday. The jobs should not be sub contracted to other people. Make sure the person you are dealing with is an expert on dish installation and satellite signal. English speaking is must.

5. Forget middle man
Do not ask your real estate agency people to handle the coordination of satellite TV installation for you. I personally encountered a lot of cases of middle man asking for a broker fee. These people always want to make some quick money through the deals, either as commission or in form of price difference between a supplier quotation and the final price you pay. Eventually you will pay more than the market price. If this is still not the worse part, it will be the wrong supplier your middle man picked, they might not be qualified dealers who are willing to give up profit to get the business. Do not expect good service either on site or later.

Your ayi, driver, secretary or Chinese employees are not ideal person either to talk to dealer for you about dish TV installation. These communication could cause misunderstanding on what you personally really want from the installation.

Please process the correspondences by yourselves via email or phone call to make sure you get what you exactly deserve from the budget you prepared for this.

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