612T Box With Hard Disk

There’s a hard disk of 500Gb built inside the 612T DishHD box. Here are some photos.

Some might find pretty soon the disk will be full. Is it possible that you copy the content files to an extra outside hard disk connected to the USB port at back?

Some people tested it and found out it’s not easy. You have to firstly record the program which will be saved in the original disk, then you copy it to the outside disk, then you delete the copied files to save some space for the original disk to continue to record other programs.

The difference between 211T and 612T are:

1. They use different LNB on dish antenna. 211t has one output only. 612t has to outputs.

2. Rear panel of 612T and 211T boxes:

612T box has two signal input connection ports which allows you to watch one channel while recording another, that’s why there are two connections. If you only connect one cable from dish LNB, you can only record the channel you are currently watching.

211T is DVR function activated. You connect a hard disk of your own via the USB port, remember the hard disk will be formated once connected to the box, so please make sure it’s a empty disk.

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