612t DVR DishHD Box

Beside the 612t Features listed on website, there some more existing new things you should know.

612t box can record up to 125 hours of entertainment; You can expand storage capacity with an addition external hard drive (EHD): to upgrade from 500GB up to 2TB.

External DVR enabled:
Connect a USB 2.0 hard disk drive (HDD) to add additional storage capacity
Suggested HDD size: 500GB to 2TB; only compatible with HDD under 2TB.
Recording times may vary depending on type of programming being recorded. We recommend using hard drives that have an external power source. We do not recommend USB powered hard drives.


One cable or two? Dual LNBF of 612t Box.

Why there are two outputs on one LNB? Why there has to be two cable connected to the back of a 612T box? This design is to allow 612t box to play one channel while record the other, or record two channels simultaneously.

If you connect two cable directly from 612t special Dual LNBF, you can watch one channel while recording the other.  It doesn’t matter if the two channels are one on horizontal and the other on vertical. When different channels are on both horizontal and vertical signal feed, we have to connect two cable from two outputs of LNBF to make them working in one box. When the principle applies to 612t box, the difference is:

If we use a cable splitter, instead of two seperate connections,  one end connected to one output of the Dual LNBF,  the other ends connected to the two inputs of 612t box back, currently we can achieve the same function. If DishHD decides to add new channels on different signal feed, there might be a conflict.

Conclusion: Whenever possible, we recommend two cable connected from dish dual LNBF directly to 612t box. Do not use the splitter, unless the dish is too far away from the box. This is how the 612t box LNB look different than the signal LNB of 211t box. Note there are two output ports on the tail.

Install Dish without connecting DishHD box? 

On 122.2E AsiaSat4, there’s a DVB-S feed on transponder K1V, frequency 12274 Vertical 06000 and LNB frequencies as 10750 / 10750.  This transponder allows us to use a normal satellite meter to locate the satellite, which makes the dish installation work much easier since DishHD channels are all in DVB-S2 MPEG-4/HD Nagravision 3 format, 25000-2/3 8PSK Turbo, which are not supported by regular satellite receivers.

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