622T New Box Activation

We need two parts of information for the new 622T box switch activation:

A: Old receiver box information: please find and copy old box subscription information following this link: Smart Card ID and Receiver CA ID

B: New 622T box info:
1. Check your box package case, find this stick and copy the number started wit “200”.
622t-package-info2. Press the “info” button on your remote, you will see this information page:622t-info

Copy: CAS User ID and STB DNA. Not enough for now, you need to check your package box

Please forward both the three numbers together with your old box 2 numbers, send us email for subscription switch. Take a photo for both old and new box info page is the best way. Please send them by email only.  CARE@DISHHDTVCHINA.COM

Box Installation.

  1. Power off the old DishHD box, disconnect the RG6 satellite dish signal cable from the box.
  2. Connect signal cable to new 622t box, switch on power button at the box back, allow 30 mins for the box to do auto upgrading.

30-mins-download3. Once it starts, you will see a window on the right bottom corner, wait until it’s fully done.updating-new-firmware

Where to change language? Where to find system information?
English: change language: there is a switch button on new remote for setting, there you can find the language setting, change it to English if you have to.

The top left button is “Setting”, you can find language options under it. “I” for system information.

How long does it take for activation?

By receiving all information, it could be in 24 hours. Make sure that your satellite dish signal input is all right by checking if the free channel is working.

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