Acquiring Satellite Signal

If you see this message “Acquiring Satellite Signal” like this photo, it could be physically a problem with the satellite dish antenna outside, the signal is not through to the box.


I suggest you to do the following:
1. unplug box power cord.
2. check signal cable connection.
3. reboot box

In some cases the problem disappear. If it is still the same, we are positive that we have a signal issue. Please contact us to arrange a technician to come to check the dish for you. After the first year warranty of dish installation, the cost could be about rmb200-300, if we have to change the LNB.

Please do not ask:
1. is there a problem with the satellite, the answer is that satellite is really stable, there has neven been any problem with the satellite broadcasting problem from Asiasat4.
2. be patient, we can try the same day repair but it can not be guaranteed.

If the dish was not installed by us, please check your subscription numbers: Receiver CA ID & Smart Card ID, so we can check the current status first.

How to find these numbers? Receiver CA ID & Smart Card ID


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