AsiaSat4 Satellite @ 122.2'E

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AsiaSat 4 @ 122.2'E degrees East, Boeing Satellite Systems 2003. In some website the satellite name is often refered as 122E, or 122'E.

Diversifying for and adapting to the emerging communication technologyAsiaSat 4, a Boeing 601HP satellite, is positioned at 122 degrees East orbital location that offers excellent 'look angles' over Asia and Australasia. Its C-band footprint widely spreads over the Asia-Pacific region with two focused Ku-band beams for East Asia and Australasia, and a steerable Ku-beam enabling greater flexibility in network connectivity.

Satellite Information

Launch Date : 11 April 2003
Model : Boeing 601HP by Boeing Satellite Systems
Orbital Position : 122°E

Communications Payload

Coverage : Asia, Middle East, CIS and Australasia
Number of Transponders : 28 (linearised)
Transponder Bandwidth : 36 MHz
EIRP : 41 dBW max.
TWTA Size : 55 watts
Ku-band FSS
Coverage : East Asia and Australasia beam
Number of Transponders : 16 (linearised or with automatic gain control (AGC))
Transponder Bandwidth : 10 at 54 MHz and 6 at 33 MHz
EIRP : 53 dBW max.
TWTA Size : 140 watts
Ku-band BSS
Coverage : Consistent with ITU Region 3 requirements
Number of Transponders : 4
Transponder Bandwidth : Consistent with ITU BSS requirements
EIRP : 57 dBW max.
TWTA Size : 140 watts


China Signal Coverage

Satellite Broadcasters Direction Compass: China Signal Coverages.
China Satellite TV Direction Compass, DishHD is 122.2E.

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