Better Dish Installation Works?

It’s very kind of one customer from another city who sent me his dish installations after I requested it. I wanted to have a look at the dish so I know if there’s something wrong, I can guess out what could be wrong.

It turned out that he has two dishes. From a professional dish installer’s perspective, I’d like to comment a bit on the installations, nothing personally my dear customer:)

This is the current DishHD dish antenna installed locally. Dish type:Here in Shanghai we do not use this type of antenna, there’s no brand mark on it, and dish is more oval than circle compare to this one.

Location: Ok. ( though if I live here I prefer anther location.

Cabling: dish part, i will attach the wobbling part, which is connected to LNB, to the sticking support arm so the connector part bears no weight. While even the cable is pulled accidentally, I won’t have to worry about disconnection. Wall part, interesting.

113E dish This one is a 113E dish, 7 years old already.
Location: ok, better option available though, to me at least.
Cable attached, good, but by black tape which turns sticky after a few months in air, and it does not look good. I use nylon ties.
Screws: all rusted. I always switch them at the first place with much better quality stainless steel ones. The dish looks new after a few years.

LNB: regular type, by average it works 3-4 years, in this case it has been ok for 7 years, lucky for this type.


Two dishes on second floor balcony. If I live here I will set up them at the bottom of the balcony guard railing with screws and brackets. I don’t drill holes on the wall unnecessarily. Alternatively some where on the roof. where some type of tri-angle support arms needed, most installers doesn’t bother to think about locations at all, not to say special installation kits.

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