Professional Cabling

1. How many units sets is covered with the subscription price?
One dish and one 211t box, Subscription package:
2. How long is the subscription period?
One year from the date of activation.
3. How much is the subscription renewal?
RMB3,350 for now, for next year.
4. I have a cable box in my home with cable junction for each room and the living room. If I subscribe DishHD, do you run a wire from the dish to my junction box from the outside? I do not want some wires visible running inside my house.
Yes, we can connect the dish to your cable junction(hub), and find out which one is to your room, then connect them directly so there’s no visible wire from the hub to the room. But the part from dish antenna to the hub must be a new visible cable.
The hub is a box like this: 
We find the cable leads to two different rooms, disconnect them from the dashboard, connect them through a one-in-two-out splitter, to the dish signal input.The room end, there’s a socket on the wall, some time with a standard CATV 5-1000MHz IC card connector, we have to take it off the board ’cause the satellite feeds are 5-2500Mhz. The cable could be extended directly to the receiver box.
 This way, using the existing cable network, we don’t have to run a visible cable through rooms.However, in these two rooms, you have to choose to give us signal input from the normal cable TV, or the analog TV input offered by your compound.

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