Central Residences Shanghai

I was out of town last week. There were several installations I didn’t go personally. One particular case is from Central Residences of Huashan Road.

The customers firstly inquired about Dream system. Once I learned that he’s living in Central Residences Phase 1, I sensed that Dream package is not exactly what he’s looking for. There are several international channels mixed in the compound’s cable TV network already, many of them are duplications to Dream channels.

Here in this apartment building each apartment has two cable networks, one transferring standard OCN digital signal, the other network carries mixed channels offered by the building management rebroadcasting different satellite channels. Legitimately the international channels should be coming from 134E CBTV only, the fee is caculated and charged per channel per room, the subscription price could be as high as RMB200 per channel each month. If you have 10 decent channels, the price could be over 2000 for a month. Major channels available there are CNN International, BBC World, ESPN, Star Sports, CNBC, Star World. Dream has no CNBC for quite a while already. To install a Dream system doesn’t give him more interesting channels.

I talked to him on site, explaining the channel differences between the current cable channels and Dream’s, and we both agree that it’s not worth installing a dish antenna for a few extra channels. Instead, DishHD offers a lot more interesting channels for both him and his wife. After checking the DishHD list throughly, we decide to do the 211t box package with a new dish on the balcony.

In terms of dish location, we put it behind a plant and BBQ so when he’s sitting in the balcony, he does not see a dish at all. It was mounted on the guard railing, we put it as low as possible. Currently the signal is to his office room and after checking the picture quality, he believes his wife will be very much interested in home and living channels like Life Inspired, and a lot of different home movie channels. DVD options are truly limited these days. It’s enjoyable watching some different selections of movies other than the Hollywood blockbusters.

Consideration, patient, and professional communication win us back another happy customer from a almost confirmed “cancel installation” of last week since I could not personally come over and show how everything works.

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