DishHD Email FAQ

Do I need to provide anything for the installation, or is everything included?

No, you do not have to provide anything for the installation work.
Prior to installation, we recommend you to think about your ideal dish installation location, like on which side of your balcony, up or down, left or right,  where to get cable coming in to the room, the cabling route and so on. We surely will provide some professional suggests from a signal reception perspective but we do value your ideas of postioning and cabling.

Do you need an Internet connection for this system?

No, not at all. Just a dish antenna outside facing South, a cable linking dish antenna and receiver box, that’s it.

Can I pay month to month?
Sorry, No. Next year subscription renewal is all right for the month to month payment, and you have to pay by bank transfer each month. We can not provide cash pick up at your home, we appriciate your understanding, traffic costs too much time in Shanghai.

I will need fapiao, is that okay?
Yes, sure! We welcome you to pay from your business bank account, transfer money directly to our company bank account. We provide Chinese value added invoice.

how much is for another year.
Currently the yearly renewal is RMB3,500 for English channel package. Channel list here:


Do you install Dish HD in Beijing?
Yes. We have one dish installation technician based in Beijing.  You can schedule an installation by email and pay either cash on installation or bank transfer. The difference between a Shanghai and Beijing service is that the Beijing technician could not provide fapiao invoice onsite, we have to send invoice by courier later on.

What if I’m in other cities?
We do not have our own technicians in cities other than Shanghai and Beijing. If you are close to Shanghai, we can send our technician to go by bus for the installation work. Beside normal package price, a round trip transportation fee will be added. Cities like Hangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Jinhua, Changzhou, Nantong, Changshu, Jiaxing and Yiwu. We do have some customers in these cities.

Another option is that if you know a local dish installer, we recommend you to install the dish locally. It costs around rmb300-400 for a standard ku band installation. We offer 211t box at rmb4500 and 612t box at rmb5100 including shipment to your city. It is good for customers far away from Shanghai,  like from Sichuan, Guangdong and Hubei provinces.

Nanjing, Wuhan, Guangzhou & Shenzhen:
We have dish installer contacts in these cities, though personaly I do not know these installers but our customers used them before and they are basically ok for the work.

Special Shipment:
Beside box, special dish LNB, some special good quality screws and connectors will be sent together. Please remind the dish installer to use our good quality spare parts to replace the ones come originally with dish antenna set. Stainless steel screws make the dish antenna last much longer than the original ones.

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