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Today one customer wrote to me asking for more channels, he saw some interesting channels from a so called superiptv provider. I told him it is illegal rebroadcasting of satellite TV. He replied like this:

…most of people have IPTV at home, just like me , IPTV is from legal China telecom…I have a bit confused..

Sure China Telecom IPTV is perfectly legal, but that’s for local TV channels, which does not make much sense to people who want to watch international channels.

Transferring international TV channels of different commercial satellite broadcasters over internet are very serious copy right piracy!

To make the long story shorter, there was a better version of international TV IPTV package on the market two years ago, which was beaten by Chinese authorities under request of French company Irdeto, simply because those pirates used channels from 138E CBTV which hires Irdeto technology. Then Irdeto initiated the strike. About Irdeto. It could be others who were willing to take some actions against it. Piracy hurts interests of too many businesses, especially internationally.

Read the reports here:

This was on headline of magazine “Satellite TV & IP MultiMedia” on first issue of year 2011.

You can not trust the current superIPTV provider, since he personally owns the domain name stated in the article. The guy currently operates over 20 different websites, making a huge mess over internet for satelltie TV related information. Use to find who’s behind the websites. A little investigation will help you to understand how risky to buy it from the market.

Any party who has a hurt business interest could initiate the legal process again IPTV re-broadcasting, it’s all about time, resource and procedure. Technically it’s not hard to detect an illegal internet server at all. The last case took a few months because they were monitoring and collecting evidences.

People who bought boxes from those people will not get refunds. As a individual you have no time and resources to go through the legal process even the big players have no financial interests on these illegal internet iptv re-broadcasters, you still not getting a penny back. It is purely depending on your luck how long the box is working at your home, under mercy of something out there.

There’s no perfect satellite TV packages. Different people want different channel selections, that’s where IPTV came in, sure they are in advantage of making a more attracting channel package because they simply put different satellite TV systems together and select the most Favorited channels. When IPTV turns to be the only option, check this one, I have tested over a few month, working stable. Please note this is a third party provided service over internet: IPTV Channels, The IPTV Box, Price & Contact.

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