China Nation Wide DishHD Dish Antenna Size

Here are our suggestions for dish antenna size for different locations of China nation wide: (Ku band dish antenna only, with special DishHD LNB)

Satellite Meter Setup:
Transponder:  10750 / 10750
Frequency:  12274 V 06000

Beijing                    45-55cm
Tianjin                    55cm
Shanghai               45-55cm
Guangdong           45-55cm
Shenzhen              45cm
Zhejiang                60cm
Sichuan                 75cm
Chengdu                75cm
Chongqing            75cm
Shanxi                    75cm
Xian                         75cm
Shandong              60cm
Nanjing                  45-55cm
Jiangsu                   55cm
Hebei                       60cm
Henan                      60cm
Hubei                       60cm
Guangxi                  60cm
Yunnan                   90cm
Yunnan Baoshan  240cm (signal quality 30%)
Shenyang                60cm
Jilin                           75cm
Nei Mongolia         90cm
Gansu                       120cm (signal quality 70%)

AsiaSat 4 at 122.2’E Signal Coverage Map:


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