Chinese Channels Included

From August on, all the Chinese channels which were previously available only for one month are all included in our regular package.

Sorry, the boxes bought before August could not get these channels.

(I know this is stupid!)

Now you can ignore the previous post.

Chinese channels included are:
ETTV Asia, TVBS, TVBS G, CTiTV, Phoenix, ETTV, TVBS News Phoenix News, CCTV Finance.

I don’t find them in the Program Guide!”

These channels are on transponder 3, 11766 R and transponder 17, 12034 R. However, since DishHD’s channel list is pre-programmed, you probably do not find the newly added Chinese channels on your Program Guide when you try to find it on the normal channel list.You find them this way: Manu, Themes & Search

When you move in to different folders:

News / Buiness
Family / Kids
Serials / Specials
Music / Arts
General Entertainment

The Chinese channels could be found in different folders respectively.

If you have people at home trying to learn some Chinese, these channels help. He or she probably will get some Taiwan or HK accents if you stick to these channels, ’cause they are not mainland China TV channels which is in more standard mandarin anyway.  No worry, it’s somewhat fashionable to some degree.

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