Chongqing City Installation

Few days ago we sent a 211t DishHD box to an address in Chongqing city. This morning I received a call from the customer who said he’s able to set up dish antenna by himself.

The message was that when everything connected there’s no power to the 211t box. It immediately reminded me that I probably forgot to inform the customer the correct procedure for the first installation. There might be a short circuit problem.

The correct procedure is:
1. assembly the box: open the box, insert the tuner (lnb) board, connect it properly to the main board.
2. connect dish antenna LNB to box LNB input port.
3. connect HDMI to TV, select correct TV input
3. connect power cord, then you suppose to see DishHD interface on screen, find the “point dish” page to start dish tuning and installation work.If the box was powered on while you are doing the cable connection work, there’s a high change to get the box short-circuited.

So the next step is waiting for activation? He was a little bit astonished because he thought it should be working right after the dish signal is fine. He can’t wait to watch the channels.The reason behind a late activation is my conservative mind.

I’m not quite sure if he’s able to set up dish correctly to find the AsiaSat4 signal. In case he could not, he probably ask for a refund, I’d better to keep it not activated so if I have to get it back, in some days delay, there’s no subscription waste in this period. Anyway, the activation is very quick in working days, normally in an hour, like today’s case. 1pm I was informed the smart card and STB number, 2pm he was watching his favorite shows.


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