China Satellite TV Customer Testimonials

Greg C…, Shanghai
“Good to hear from you. Reception has been fantastic with my dish. I have never lost signal once, even during thunderstorms. Yes I would like to renew for another year. Please supply me your bank details”

Matthew G…, Shanghai
“The picture quality is exceptional very happy that we purchased the package, …”

Nathan M…, Shanghai
I have to say the past 6 or so months your installation has been great with no outages besides Setanta (as you mentioned in your blog)…Thanks again for your top service.

Allen W…, Shanghai
“Every thing went well today, the gentleman you sent over today was very nice and professional. His service was excellent. I would also like to view my cable on another TV…”

Martijn L…, Shanghai
“Installation went fine, all working ok. Your confidence in quality was justified, quality is indeed very good.
(Now waiting to get my regular TV back from repair and getting used to new channels. I’m not American, so many channels are new to me)
Overall: a satisfied customer here, thanks”

Janet G…, Shanghai
“It is a fantastic package and we have really been enjoying the broad range of channels offered.”

Michael C…,  Shanghai
“Quality is awesome, really terrific, tks, i will definitely recommend to all my friends!”

Peter H…, Shanghai
“The installation was professional, fast, and efficient. The HD quality is great, and there have never been any disruptions to the service.”

Amelie M…, Shanghai
“Color and image is just fantastic, everyone should have HD dish. We are quite happy, however we wish to have more sports channel, we only have Hockey channels, what about football and Tennis?”

Mikael N…, Shanghai
“I am very satisfied with the product and the installation and support provided by you. There are a few channels I would like to add but besides that all is well.”

Trevor W…, Sichuan, China
“Picture is 100% GREAT! Your service has been always great.”

Jacob V…, Shanghai
“Just to let you know that I have now been enjoying Dish HDTV for over 3 weeks and am extremely happy. Due to the size of my dish, even in thunder storms and very heavy rain I do not loose any signal or picture quality.”

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