Dish Alignment

“I have tried many times but cannot find a signal. When I connect the LNB to my SatFinder meter and try and find the satellite, there is no change in the signal (meter set at 5 on the scale 1 – 10).. When I cover the LNB with my hand, there is no drop in signal strength, which to me is very strange, Can you confirm that the LNB was tested?”

Yes, everything’s tested before shipping out to other cities. If you are using cheap satellite meter like the following, you can not locate AsiaSat4 at 122.2E. DishHD programs are transferred in BSS format, not DVB format. Most satellite meters does not support BSS format, it has to be DVB,DVB-S.

Cheap satellite meters:





There’s a simple pre-programmed IC in these meters with satellite transponder and frequency numbers saved so once the satellite dish is facing a certain satellite, the indicator shows you the signal quality numbers. However, not all the latest numbers are pre-programmed, DishHD’s transponders for example, are not found in most of the above meters.

Professional dish installers use advanced type like this:



However, it is a DVB format satellite meter. To locate DishHD’s BSS feeds, we simply try to locate one of AsiaSat4’s DVB format feed, then the satellite can be aligned.

AsiaSat4 is a latest type of broadcasting satellite with C band, Ku band, transponder format BSS and DVB-S, MPEG-4. We do not need to understand them all, simply using this set of DVB-S beam.

Transponder: 12274 V 6000-3/4, DVB-S, tp K1V. East Asia 42-45.

Set the  LNB numbers as default DishHD original lnb: High: 10750; Low: 10750.

Input the above numbers into the professional meter, you can locate the satellite. After that lock the dish, connect the signal cable from dish LNB to box back lnb input, you are suppose to receive BSS format signals transffered via 6 BSS transponders from AsiaSat4. All these numbers are here: AsiaSat 4 at 122.2°E

You do not need a satellite meter at all in fact.
1. Connect the box to your TV via HDMI.
2. Connect the dish LNB to box back LNB input,
3. Mount the dish properly to be ready for dish alignment.
4. Power cord into electricity socket, you will see box blue light on.
5. On TV screen, do the following to find dish alignment interface.
Menu, System Setup, Installation, Point Dish.
Set transponder as “1”, satellite as “122”, you will see the signal quality bar.

6. Align the dish slowly to 122.2E, basically 12 o’clock direction,direct South, until you see the green bar over 50%.

7. Lock the dish, you made it! Press “done”, work finished.

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