DishHD Asia: Shanghai & China Dish Installation

 • Ku Band Dish Antenna Installation: Shanghai, Beijing, China - AsiaSat4 at 122. 2 °E  • 

Why do you choose us for the dish installation work?

A poorly installed dish will give you troubles while you are enjoying DishHD programs. Over the years we have seen that poorly trained installers screwed up everything from drilling holes, mounting dish, to tracking the satellite signal up to reception standard. Not to say the cabling chaos cabling and connections. Through out installation process, on each step there are minor things to be taken care of. In general, it's going to be an endless headache if you used a wrong person for the installation.

Our advantages over competitors are:

1. Well educated & trained technicians
. We regard the service seriously. We have been doing the business for living since the introduction of overseas satellite TV to China a decade ago. We were nowadsys the so called "geek". Over the flyers and internet you probably find those armatures trying to steal some quick money. Do not try people who do not know what excatly they are doing.

2. Professional knowledge & experiences. We know what we are doing. We install dishes to last long. We spend time learning & practicing it. We learned from different installation cases. We have accumulated a lot of skills which we can apply to your special installation requirements. We invented our own special mount brackets for difficult circumstances. A learning attitude towards our daily works keeps us sharp. For example, we know you do not like drilling holes on your wall, so we invented steel bracket kit to mount dishes on balcony or terrace railing. It's fast, easy, clean, and secure. People appreciate our efforts on the work.

3. Professional tools, correct procedure: High-end satellite meter, good quality signal cable, stainless steel connectors, we think about all the small parts which count. We replaced all the original screws of dish antenna with all stainless screws because regular screws last by average only one or two years in weathers of Shanghai. After the first two years, the rusted screws will give customer problems like antenna loose, signal drop down, even lost tracking of satellite. Most customers do not even notice this but this is just an example showcases our attitude toward the business. It might be simple a dish installation, we take it seriously.

You might find it not so easy here in Shanghai to find a reliable dish installer, who speaks English, with the correct attitude, able to communicate, willing to think from the customer's perspective and most critically, who has exactly the professional skills needed to get the work properly done. We only charge the average price, so why don't you give us the work?!

4. After-installation service: Once the dish and cabling are properly done, receiver box correctly set up, there are not much we have to take care of until the current subscription expires. Our 24/7 hotline is ready for any kind of assistance requests. Often the problem was not caused by installation and receiver. Interesting things always happen. Examples like people unable to find correct AV input, remote no batteries, Ayi screwed up wiring, even dog bitted signal cable.

We do not expect customers knowing everything we know so we have to be patient explaining methods to check and fix the problem now and then. Our BLOG offers a lot of real case daily practices on DishHD operation. Most of the problems can be fixed remotely after a little explanation. If it has to be checked by a technician on site, we have technicians living in Puxi and Pudong serving different areas. We have one on each site only since we do not need that many technicians running around to fix problems. First installation and the possible remote services are always in English, some of the simple check could be by person speak limited English.