Dish HD 122

DishHD Asia on 122 Satellite AsiaSat4

Azimuth & elevation in Beijing, China: 171.0° & 43.4°

C band of AsiaSat4 doesn’t carry much, Beam / EIRP (dBW) / C/N lock  (values are for China): C-38-39.

DishHD is on BSS. ( not DVB), Ku-Bank.

As a technical matter, DBS , also known by the International Telecommunication Union as Broadcasting Satellite Service,  BSS. refers only to services transmitted by satellite in specific frequency bands: 11.7-12.2 GHz in ITU Region 3 (Asia, Australia), 10.7 – 12.75 GHz in ITU Region 1 (Europe, Russia, Africa), and 12.2-12.7 GHz ITU Region 2 (North and South America).

BSS frequencies are with circular polarization from orbital position. This is why 122 DishHD feed can not be tested by DVB-S standard satellite meter. However, on AsiaSat4, there are some transponders send signal by DVB format. We can use those beams to locate the satellite, 12274 V 06000 for example, signal quality is 42-52 dBW, East Asia beam. This beam is used by SpeedCast, a satellite communication service provider in Asia Pacific.

The Australia Ku band beam of AsiaSat4 carries a couple of TV channels:

On 12361 V there are channels:

PTC Punjabi
UTV Movies
UTV Stars
Aaj Tak
Star Plus Middle East
Imagine Dil Se
Star Gold
Channel Lanka
Kiss FM (Australia)

On 12414 V there are channels:

Gemini TV
ETV Telugu
CTN (Cambodia)
Bayon TV
TV 5 Cambodia
Channel I
ATN Bangla
Zee Bangla
Star Plus
Star Gold
Life OK India
Jaya TV
Da Ai 2
Hwazan Satellite TV
Beautiful Life TV
RTR Planeta
Channel 9 (Israel)
RTV International
TNT (Russia)

In East Asia, the major commercial TV package on AsiaSat4 is DishHD Asia.

AsiaSat 4 is a Boeing 601HP satellite. It is positioned at 122 degrees East orbital location that offers excellent ‘look angles’ over Asia and Australasia. Its C-band footprint widely spreads over the Asia-Pacific region with two focused Ku-band beams for East Asia and Australasia, and a steerable Ku-beam enabling greater flexibility in network connectivity.

ASIASAT 4 (122oE) KU-Band BSS Beam TV Channel Guide (East Asia).

DishHD Asia Video Format:

MPEG-4 & HD (encrypted)
Mod: 8PSK
Symbol rate: 25 Msym/sec
FEC: 2/3

D/L Frequencies:

D/L polarization:


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