Dish HD Beijing Installation?

Do you have Dish HD installation in Beijing? 

Yes. We do have customer inquiries now and then from Beijing. Many are asking if we have our own dish installer or contact office based in Beijing. We do not have a office in Beijing. All DishHD unit activation, sales, shipments, installation and after sales services are handled in Shanghai office.

We do have a part time dish installer living in Beijing. He has been helping our customers relocated to Beijing to do dish installations for a few years. Before 2011, most of his works were dish installation for Dream of 113E. Since we launched DishHD system, some Beijing customers switched from Dream to DishHD. The technician in Beijing helps people to re-align the dish to 122.2’E AsiaSat4 fro DishHD, both dishes are facing South, one is 13 o’clock direction and the other is 12 o’clock direction.

You can buy a 211t or 612t box from us and we will ship the package via S.F.Express courier, China’s best couriers service, to Beijing. After receiving the box, you will receive the dish installer’s contact number, then you can call him to schedule an installation time.

For a Beijing installation, we separate the cost as following:

¥4,400 : for a 211t box, one year subscription, and shipment to Beijing.
¥400: for a 0.55m in diameter Ku band dish and installation work. This money you can pay directly on site to the Beijing dish installer.

¥4,900: for a 612t box, one year fee, and shipment.
¥500: for a standard Ku band dish. Since we have to lay two cable from the dish to 612t box, we have to charge an extra of 100.

The Beijing dish installer for us speaks English. He’s good at dish installation work. He has all the essential tools. We send all our good quality spare parts to him from Shanghai. You receive the same quality of workmanship as you get in Shanghai.

If there’s a dish signal problem in the future, you can contact us to let us know the problem, once it is confirmed that it has to be checked onsite, we will schedule the technician to come over again, normally the same day if it is scheduled in the morning, or latest the next day some time you preferred. Our dishes are professionally installed, we have a very low dish antenna failure rate.

Special problem reminder for Beijing subscribers:

DishHD dish antenna is facing direct South,  dish size is around 0.55m in diameter. We noticed that many of Beijing apartments are not exactly all with a South-facing balcony, a terrace, or a window for the ideal installation. Many are facing East, West, or North.

If your apartment is facing North, there’s no way to install the dish outside of you own apartment. The only option is to install it on building top and we have to run the cable down all the way to your apartment. 50-100 meters of cable is fine but please consider if it is operative, I mean if it is against the building management rules.

If your apartment is facing West or East, we have to go and do a onsite signal check. The dish direction is going to be in line with the build direction.

Which direction is possible, if not South? In general, if it is facing West or East, a little bit to the South will be great. Anyway, in these cases we have to go and have a look. Please consider the price and box type first. If you have no problem with the price, you can schedule the dish installer to go check. Once he considers dish installation is possible, he can install the dish right away the same day. You will pay him on site for the work and you can pay us later on to Shanghai for the receiver box. In 2 days the box will be sent. Connect the box to signal cable TV after you receive it. It will be working fine strait forward. The box will be activated before shipment.

If he finds the installation site is not possible for 122E, he will leave, you do not have to pay for anything.

Please let us know if you have anything special for a Beijing installation.

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