Dish Installation Professional Groups

Over the years I have jointed 5 dish installation community groups on LinkedIn. I do learned a lot from the discussions on board which keeps me updated with the latest technology, installation methods and professional tools.

Digital TV Professionals

Satellite Communication professionals

Satellite Industry Professionals

Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI)

VOD, IPTV, Connected, Digital & Mobile TV Professionals!!

Most of the Chinese dish installers I happen to encountered are not receiving proper training. The lack of high caliber, well educated personnel in the business make it appears to be a crowed people of liars to the outsider. This can be judged by constant frauds and cheats happened to people who are searching for international TV access in China.A forbidden and sensitive market does not allow the profession to grow by itself. Lack of well trained, properly educated, skilled and experienced labor is a general problem for many industries of the current China.

Deep inside the Chinese people have been neglecting handy labor works and skills for too long a time. Not willing, or not be able to focus one’s energy and spirit on physical subject, not willing to get into a subject deeply, the ignorance of pursuing the truth make people in general short sighted, dwelling the current short happiness and pains, eventually lost in the vogue tough reality…

Focusing on a subject is a universal technic to make yourself spiritualized.

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