Dish Sizes for China Cities

onsite signal test for DishHD in many China cities

Please note that AsiaSat4 does not open the BSS beam signal coverage map to general public. We do not have a accurate signal map for DishHD package reception yet.

To decide if your location is fine to receive DishHD channels, the first step is to test this transponder: 12274 V 6000 fec:3/4

Use a general DVB-S satellite meter or any type of DVB-S satellite receiver to check if you are able to receive signal from this transponder. Please note this is only the first step, even you can receive this beam, it does not guarantee that you can receive the BSS
beam because the coverage maps of BSS and regular DVB-S format are not totally over lapped.

Wherever possible, we recommend you to use dish of 55cm or 60cm, smaller dishes are possible but they do not work ideally in bad weathers.


Shanghai:      60CM; Signal up to 90, regular 50-60
Bijing:            60CM; Signal 50
Tianjin:          55CM;
Guangdong:  55CM Signal 40
Shunde:        55CM
Shenzhen:    45CM
Zhejiang:      60CM
Sichuan:       60CM
Chengdu:     60CM
North Shan Xi:   75CM Signal 37
Xian:             75CM
Shandong:    45CM
Nanjing:        55CM
Suzhou:        55CM
Wuxi:            55CM
Hebei:           60CM
Henan:         60CM
Wuhan:        60CM
North Hubei: 75cm
Nanchang:    45CM
Guangxi:       60CM
Guizhou:       75CM
Kunming:      75cm
Dalian:           60CM Signal 60
Shenyang:     60CM;75CM Signal 60
Hohehot:       75CM; Signal 30
Panjin:           60CM
Jilin:               75CM

Beyond Changchun, we do not recommended an installation to receive DishHD, the signal is extremely weak. We even had a test in China and Russian border, in Russian territory. DVB-S transponder is fine only by a 55cm dish but there’s no BSS signal at all.

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