Dish TV Shanghai

Recently I find that a large number increase of searching for “Dish TV Shanghai”. Probably people are looking for DishTV, the same thing as available in the US.

DishTV and DirectTV are two major US satellite TV providers, offering a huge selection of TV stations. I always wonder if people really what that much of TV? I  watch around an hour each day of History and Nickelodeon to create myself a language environment and in the mean time as a compensation to the increasing lack of reading time. Nickelodeon is good to the kid too, watching it with the little boy is a amazing good experience, I learned a lot on how little guys think about the world around them.

“Dish TV” might refer to satellite TV or dish installation service in Shanghai as well.  When people move here one of the first things beside buying a cell phone card, finding a decent place to live,  watching TV comes at third or forth place sooner or later when you are tired of night life and complicated internet streaming and downloading.

Unless you are really serious on your Chinese language learning, you surely miss  English TV:  news, sports, movies, entertainment, kids or music, documentary and so on. After DishHD Asia became available in China, I found here in China under strict media control, we even have more TV options than that of Australian and New Zealander, where SkyTV dominates the market, offering much less than DishHD TV in Asia. Thanks to international free market competition and Dish TV’s for seen vision of Asia satellite TV markets.

Satellite signal penetrates political boundaries. Nothing stops the advance of this amazing new technology. Unlike internet which is for now still physically a cable connection to the world through a serials of middle hardwares, “gates” to international are easily controlled by government, information could be censored through the flow, so far there’s no nations or technology is capable of censoring satellite feeds which covers a unimagiable large area, simply through a small solar energy powered geo-stationary satellite right there high above us.

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