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2016-07-10: Due to regional broadcasting right issues, some channels may not be available at this moment: NGC Wild; NGC; NGC Adventure; FX; Fox; Star Movies; Fox Channel; Star World; Fox Movies; Fox Sports. We apologize for your inconvenience.
2016-06-15: Software Upgrade – June 30th
2015-12-22: 4K Upgrade to 622T Box | 622T New Box Installation
2015-11-06: BBC Earth (ch575), BBC Entertainment (ch576), BBC BBC Lifestyle (ch577) added. NHK World TV will be removed on 20151130.
2014-09-27: Australia Network stopped broadcasting on DishHD because Austrilia government stopped sponsoring the channel.
2014-06-12: WorldCup on Ch8756: CCTV5
2014-06-01: Disney (CH8560) and Disney Jr. (CH8562) replaced by Discovery Kids
2014-05-01: New versions of software: 211t: T107RSAB-N; 211t+:T120KEBH-N; 612t :T115RTAB-N
2014-02-17: Channel EPL 1 (8801), English Premier League will be rebroadcasted from Monday to Friday. Weedend live matches will be broadcasted as usually.
2013-12-31: CNN/US HD (CH#6110) will cease transmission from Dec 31 due to expiring landing license in Taiwan.
2013-11-30: MTV LIVE,Comedy Central,Nick Jr channels added. The Golf Channel(CH#6360) will be unavailable starting from Nov 30, 2013.
2013-11-01: NBA TV(CH# 6350) will be not available starting from Nov 1, 2013. KMTV(CH#6268) will be not available starting from Oct 30, 2013.
2013-09-25: Toonami (CH#6560) will be not available starting from Sept 26, 2013.
2013-08-17: Live BPL Matches on DishHD! Season 2013-2014 Barclays Premier League every week on channel 8801/8802/8803/8804/8805!
2013-03-01: New DishHD 211T+ box available.
2013-02-09: FOX Sports Plus HD (ESPN HD) is now on channel 6345. DishHD now has 5 sports channels: ASN, Golf, NBA, Extreme(Setanta) and Fox Sports.
2012-08-20: EPL – English Premier League Football is available on channel 8801& Channel 8800.
2012-06-30: NHL Network (CH#6365) will not be available starting from June 30, 2012. NHL games are available on ASN (CH# 6355)
2012-05-29: Extreme Sports Channel started on AsiaSat 4: 11881 R. Channel 6370 on Dish HD.
Extreme Sport HD is a cutting edge sports channel, featuring rugby matches, high-speed sports on water, hot-dog skiing, skateboarding, etc. SETANTA SPORTS brings you the exciting matches from Ruby League, Rugby Union, GAA, and more. (read News Release ). News History.