Sat Box HDMI Switches for Multi-Room Distribution

More and more people are asking about multiple room distributions. I have to introduce another type of practical options:

Switch Between HDMI Sources to HD Displays. We carry single source and multi-source HDMI switcing devices to meet any needs. Not only G Sat satellite receiver, you can also use this solution to distribute your contents, either BlueRay hard disk player or hard drive computer as a HD content source.

4 x 4 HDMI Multi-Room Distribution Pack
Via the remote control, you can select different player, Blue Ray, DishHD box, or your game console. The box is good, the problem is wiring. The TV needs to be connected to the switch via HDMI cable.

The rooms need to be Pre Wired! The multi-room HDMI distribution solutions will allow you to distribute HDMI HD Signals to multiple rooms or multiple displays. Pre-wired is not the case, for people living in Shanghai or China for a short period of time, most people are living on renting apartments or houses.

There’s a simpler solution, which is to use the more likely pre wired cat5 e wires. These HDMI-CAT5E baluns use 2 runs of Cat5e and are powered at the receiver end, they are capable of supporting Digital Audio & 1080p. The idea is simple: HDMI wire got 19 pins, not all of them are used, some are reserved for other different type of data transmission. While each CAT5 wire has 8 pins, times two it will be 16 pins. A CAT53/506B – HDMI revise device box is created this way.
A diagram of a type A HDMI receptacle, showing 10 pins on the top row and 9 pins on the bottom row (total 19 pins).
So we can use two Category 5 cable to act like one HDMI. This is how we make it more a Affordable HDMI Multiroom Distribution The HDMI-Cat5e Extender.

Here comes my copy version: I have a hand made version of this idea, using one CAT5E wire, with 8 pins inside, i use 6 of them to make a Y/Pb/Pr wire which is able to transfer 1080i video, the balance two I make them into one sound track of audio wire. This way, you have video and audio in the second room, through the DishHD box’s Y/Pb/Pr and Red/White audio output. However, you can not expect the 5.1 sound tracks from 5 of DishHD channels.










Next level, if you have budget and you are really serious about multiple room distribution, here comes a more advanced solution: HDMI Matrix Multi-Room Wireless AV Sender, which delivers full 1080p HD video and digital audio to any room in your home.

HDMI Multi-Room Full HD Sender and Receiver

However, the device cost over RMB2,500.

How it works. It’s all about different kind of converters. Audio-and-Video-Over-CAT5-Cable-Balun




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