Satllite TV Signal in Multiple Rooms

Do you sell any system that can watch the content on 2 different tv independently?

First we have to understand the box AV outputs.Both  G Sat has two AV Output options: HDMI & YPbPr+Audio

HDMI is one cable to transfer the high definition video and audio together to your TV displayer. YPbPr is a video transmission wire with three connectors: Blue+Green+Red, together they transfer video signal. You need to connect RCA cable to transfer the audio sound tracks.

We recommend a HDMI cable because we have 5 channels coming as Dolby 5.1 sound track. YPbPr+RCA doesn’t transfer 5.1 sound tracks. The white and red RCA wires are only about to transfer left and right sound tracks.

Option One: Watch Same Channel In The Other Room.

To watch DishHD on a second TV, the most cost effective way is to connnect one TV to box with HDMI ( the closer TV) , while make a long YPbPr+RCA cable to use the other output of box to transfer the AV to a remote TV. However, you watch the same channels. There’s major obstacle of doing so is that you don’t find long enough YPbPr+RCA. We have tested another way to achieve the same functions, which is to use the Ethernet cable (cat5 or category 5 cable). There are 4 pairs of copper wires inside. We use 3 pairs as YPbPr, the 4th pair as RCA, it has to be just one pair to transfer one sound track, this is the best thing we can do.

Do you lost some video quality in the second room?
We did some cases like the above and I don’t find a significant vide quality. Technically it’s not perfect but is IS a very cheap way to share the same receiver.

How about remote controlling?
You can not remotely control the receiver box in a second room, unless you install a device called “remote control sharing”. It is a small box with transmitter and receiver, which has to be connected to DishHD box’s RCA output port and it requirean extra pair of cat5 wire to transfer the signal. You have to lay out two cat5 wire to transfer both AV and remote. It is a little bit complicated.

Option Two: Watch different channels independently in a second room.

To achieve it, the only possibility is to run a new cable from the same dish outside, to a second room, and buy a new receiver box, which is a new subscription account to DishHD. A second 211t box is RMB4,300, a second 612t box is RMB4,900, one year subscription fee included.

Two boxes sharing one dish is ok for the general signal receiption of DishHD. This applies to both 211t and 612t boxes.

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