DishHD Migration From 122.2 to 108.2E


The featured photo of this post is 2010-06: DishHD launches new HD satellite TV service in Taiwan. Now it’s time to end the story.

Since September you probably experienced the same as this customer: “I have some problems with my satellite receiver. The last week it was already weird: channel list showed only 6 or so channels and each of them as double entry, all the rest didn’t appear in the list. Even out of the ones still present in list only a few worked. The others were black screen or frozen image. Switching box off and back in didn’t change anything. Now can’t even get to any channel. When starting receiver it says “signal lost”. Any idea what to do?

DishHD was migrated from 122E to 108.2E

DishHD stopped broadcasting from AsiaSat4 122.2E. To continue the receive few left DishHD channels, your dish antenna has to be tuned to 108.2E.

There are a few things you should know before you book a dish migration work.

  1. In Shanghai and Beijing, we charge ¥350 for the dish tuning job.
  2. Even after your dish antenna is successfully tuned into 108.2E, we found that almost half of the DishHD 622T boxes are not able to receive signal well.
  3. For those lucky boxes which receives signal well, the channels received are only around 6 left.
  4. These channels are temporarily available until December 1st, 2016; After that we have no idea what’s the plan next.

We do not think it worth the time and money to tune the dish.

Refund from DishHD?

Please note that satellite company has the right to change the channel list which was stated in all subscription notice: “The channel lineup is subject to change without prior notice to subscribers.”; At the moment DishHD still has 6 channels, so it’s not a bankrupt yet. It will be customers’ choice to continue or stop;

Refund from us?

There won’t be any refund talks from us. We are only a local installer. Sorry for those who renewed their subscription in the last few months; These things happened before, when a satellite broadcaster is going out of business, there will be a subscription lost to many subscribers with balance subscriptions.

If you really want to try the dish tuning to 108.2E, follow these practice and good luck.

  1. change dish LNB to  9750/10600Mhz
  2. Check 622T box software version: 1.66.88
  3. Factory Reset the box, change settings to match new satellite 108.2E.
  4. Dish tuning, dish to West, elevation up a bit.

Other Options?

Whatelse? Probably you should consider G Sat and Sky Net if you want to continue some international TV channels at your home.

G Sat requires a bigger dish of 75cm in Shanghai, dish facing South, basically the same as DishHD current position, a little bit to the West;
Sky Net requires a 75cm in Shanghai and 90cm in Beijing, the problem could be the dish is facing West, in many cases it’s not possible to receive signal in apartment installations.

Why These Changes Happened?

1. DishHD wanted to push subscribers to give it up through all these technical difficulties.
2. From subscription contract perspective, the broadcasting service is still valid, just on another satellite and much less channels, while satellite broadcaster has the right to do these changes without notice to subscriber.

Either way, it’s time to switch services: G Sat and Sky Net

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