DishHD Monthly Subscription?

This morning a lady introduced by a previous customer asked some
questions bout cable/satellite tv to get international TV channels in Shanghai

I quoted price for a 211t box with new dish installation and one year subscription included. And there are some typical follow up questions. i put answers here for a quick link:

Is there anyway I can pay month to month from now?
I’m sorry we can not do that for the first year. When the box is activated, a one year fixed subscription is included already. We can not break it down. I personally do not want take that financial risk since a few years ago in one case I offered a monthly payment and after a few month I lost contact to the customer. One month later when I went to the address to check it out, there lived her relatives saying that she’s been in the US and she won’t be back soon. They refuse to pay me anything. There’s nothing I can do even there are her relatives there. From then on I do not offer monthly payment option anymore.

The best thing I can do so for is a 60% upfront payment in case and a copy of passport to proof that I can receive the balance month by month. I’m sorry I can not offer monthly payment anymore. We do not have a huge profit on these installations. Once we have a disappeared monthly payment customer, we are going to suffer a lot of lost, financially and mentally.

Is that cost per yar? Do I pay monthly or 1 year upfront?
No, the price 4850 if for the first installation cost, including a new dish antenna, a new receiver box, dish installation work and cabling, as well as one year warranty meaning that if there’s something wrong in the first year, we fix free of charge.

Does it get cheaper year 2?
Yes, next year subscription is 3350 for a year or 300 for a month, to Premier package. This year is the second year of DishHD’s operation in Asia market. In year so the earliest subscribers only starts to renew the subscription from the beginning of year 2011. The price has been lowed down significantly to promote more subscription and word of mouth marketing effects. Probably the renewal fee could be cheaper next year in 2013.

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