DishHD Software Upgrading Problem Fix

Bottom right corner you see this updating New Firmware, downloading…”please do not turn off power”.


This is the message in Chinese.


This is the message if your menu is changed to English.


Some times when you switch on the box, you see this automatic software upgrading message, after a while you find it stops at 50% then no further progress. The software upgrading process stuck there. We heard from other subscribers that the “hard reboot” fixes it.

  1. Turn off the box from your remote control.
  2. unplug the box power cord.
  3. wait for at least 5 minutes.
  4. plug the power cord again, wait until the box reboot itself.
  5. the upgrading process will starts again, wait and see if it goes over 50% and finish it by itself, in many cases it did.

Contact us if the above practice does not help. You can choose to send the box back to us for check and upgrading by courier. Email

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