Satellite Box To YAMAHA Amplifier

Here I show you how to connect satellite receiver box to a regular old type of amplifier like YAMAHA.

This picture shows the back of a new type of YAMAHA amplifier, it has 4 HDMI inputs, so it’s not a problem. Connect DishHD box to one’ of Yamaha HDMI input ( please remember which one, you need to select channel later );Connect Yamaha’s HDMI Out to one of your TV’s HDMI inputs. That’s it.

However, many types got no HDMI. If so, see on the most left there’s a “Componet Video” section, use Y/Pb/Pr wires to connect DishHD box to YAMAHA, use a Optical Digital Audio wire to link the sound track, box to Yamaha. Now you have signal link between box and amplifier, when you select the correct channel, there should be sound from speakers already.

Amplifier to TV: here the option has to be “MONITOR OUT: Component Video”. use Y/Pb/Pr wires to link amplifier to one of your TV’s component inputs, which is most commonly used for most DVD players.

Remember to choose correct YAMAHA channel and TV’s AV inputs, they have to match.

In many cases we receive email or calls from customer telling us there’s either a blank screen, a black screen, a blue screen or there’s no sound form speakers, or no sound from TV…these problems are all caused by incorrect satelltie receiver box – amplifier – TV connection or channel selection.

Please study it a bit and spend some time play it out. We suppose to spend time on some more valuable things. This is not about customer service. When you buy these fancy devices, you have to waste some time on it.

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