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DishHD does not provide StarSport & ESPN, right ?
DishHD has 5 sports channels: ASN, NBA, Golf, Extreme Sports – Setanta, ESPN HD ( Fox Sports )

What are the alternatives in regards to HD Sat TV?Do you offer any other solution besides of “DishHD” for Shanghai ?
The other alternative is Dream Satellite TV from Philippines.Dream has less channels, SD video, ( standard defenition ), Price is cheaper, new package at RMB3,450, second hand package is RMB2,850

A major difference of Dream is that Dream has no subtitles. Many of the DishHD chanenls has Chinese subtitles.

In terms of HD sat TV, DishHD Asia is the only choice in China for now.

What about this IPTV? Is that something to consider or is it not really good ? IPTV is illegal rebroadcasting of different satellite TV system, there are great chances that these servers blocked now and then by law enforcements.

DishHD subscription package

RMB4,850 for the first installation. However, if you currently have a dish antenna installed and you are thinking of giving up the current system and switching to DishHD, we can use the same dish antenna, but we have to tune it to the new direction of 122.2E facing AsiaSat4.

In this case the price is RMB4,400 for a new 211T box and one year subscription, Dish works are free.

In terms of multiple room, there are different options, most of them are complicated. If you do not consider buying another box which is also at 4400, you can think about the simple solution of AV wire connection: two TV sharing one receiver box, you watch the same channels, channel switch is done from the receiver box. The cost could be as cheap as RMB20 per meter.

You can find more about multiple room connection in blog.

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