English Premier League Football season

Today a customer emails us:” Yesterday evening we had a very pleasant surprise: on the first day of the English Premier League Football season.
I browsed the sport channels and found two channels broadcasting football matches!
Channel 8801 (ERL1): West Brom Albion vs. Liverpool (English commentary) and
Channel 8800 (SITV): Arsenal vs. Sunderland (Chinese? commentary)
On the screen was a small window reading that this was a trial.

It would be wonderful if we could continue to watch these channels; it would really make DishHD much more attractive for many people!”Yes, indeed! After the NHL is off DishHD, people have been worrying about the possible negative channel channels since it was the first time that DishHD dropped o good channel.The broadcasting of English Premier League has been discussed for quite a while but before the final launch, we can not publish the news in case things change, we will lost some credibility.So hope  you enjoy the matches. The channels are only available in the matches time, in other times it was not open. Check the EPL schedule so you won’t miss any of your favorite matches.

There are 6 channels for the season. 5 for different matches and one for EPL news update.
When there’s no match, you see a screen like this, sorry my hand was shaking holding my iphone.
The news channels is like this, when I watch it, it’s in Chinese. The channel logo is “新视觉” in Chinese.
I don’t watch much EPL so please let me know how you like it or not like it the way it is for now…

The EPL news channel is in Chinese.

The following are some photo of the EPL News channel. Other than (EPL 1-5)

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