DishHD Asia: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is DishHD?
DishHD is a premier High Definition digital programming service delivered Direct to Home (DTH) via satellite. DishHD's services include high-definition video and audio channels, sports and international programming, together with standard professional installation and 24-hour customer service.

Where is DishHD offered?
DishHD service is offered throughout Taiwan. DishHD uses satellite AsiaSat 4 at 122. 2 °E
with a signal covering whole China.

How can I find a local retailer?
For more retailer and dish installer in your area, please call 21-2730 9851.

Can I receive DishHD outside of Taiwan?
DishHD is a Taiwan service and is meant for Taiwan customers only. If you hold froeign passport, it's ok to apply DishHD subscription through us in China.

I found an error on your website. Who should I notify?
Our website is constantly under construction to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information available. If you discover a problem with our web site, please notify our Webmaster at and entering “Webmaster” as the subject.

How do I disconnect my account?
We understand that situations arise which force our customers to disconnect their services. In order to process this request we ask that the account holder please call 021-2730 9851 as soon as possible.

My DishHD service is down, what do I do?
If any part of your satellite system is not working please contact your local dealer and he will work to get your system back up and running as soon as possible. Another option is to call DishHD at 021-2730 9851 and we will work with you to get the problem solved.


Can I set up auto pay for my DishHD account?
Yes, please download the authorization form here. It is required to use the same signature from your bank account when you fill out the ACH application form. Upon completion of the authorization form, please send certified mail to EchoStar Asia Multimedia Limited Taiwan Branch 10F, No. 168, Sung Chiang Rd., Chungshan District, Taipei. DishHD will deduct your monthly payment from your designated bank account. It will take approximate 45 days from receiving the form to begin auto pay. During the application process, please pay your bill with a hard copy.

What are partial-month billing charges?
You don't have to wait until the end of your current billing period to change your programming package. If you decide to change your subscription in the middle of your billing period, you will receive “partial-month charges” on your next bill. Your account will be charged or credited from the day you make the change through the end of the current billing period. DishHD does not issue an interim billing statement for each programming change; therefore, all changes will be reflected on your next billing statement.

How can I pay for my DishHD service and equipment?
Follow the payment instruction on your bill. You can pay your bill at any:
Convenience Store;
ATM machine;
Post Office;

I already have cable. Can I have the DishHD service in addition to my cable service?
Yes, it is quite easy to have DishHD in your home in addition to your cable service. Cable is a standard definition service and it is typically set up using coaxial cable from the wall to your TV. DishHD is a high-definition service that uses an HDMI cable from the STB to your TV. To receive our service, you will need to purchase a DishHD system from your local DishHD dealer and he will come and install the system in your home. So if you have a TV with an HDMI input or YPbPr input, you can enjoy both SD cable and DishHD on the same TV.

Do I have to disconnect cable in order to get the DishHD television service?
No you do not have to disconnect your cable in order to get DishHD; though you may choose to if you feel that you no longer need cable. If you would like to add our service, you will need to purchase a DishHD system from your local DishHD dealer and he will come and install the system in your home. So if you have a TV with an HDMI input or YPbPr input, you can enjoy both SD cable and DishHD on the same TV.

If I have cable and I subscribe to DishHD, do I have to pay a monthly fee for both services?
Yes. If you want to continue to watch both cable and DishHD services you will have to pay monthly recurring fees for both services.


What kinds of HDTV programming does DishHD offer?
DishHD has the best sports and movies in HD. You are certain to find your favorite regional and international programming with DishHD.

Is there adult programming on DishHD?
No, we do not offer adult channels.

Can I substitute one channel for another in my basic package?
Unfortunately, we do not allow channel substitutions. We strive to make satellite programming as affordable as possible and our packages have been set up in balance with cost effectiveness and consumer demand. One way to help keep our customer costs low is to provide channels in packages, rather than a la carte.

I recorded an event but now I cannot find it; was it deleted? How can I get it back?
If your HDD runs out of memory the system will automatically delete unprotected event by historical order with the oldest unprotected events deleted first to make room for the new scheduled recordings. Once these events are deleted they cannot be retrieved. If you have important recordings that you do not want automatically deleted if you run out of space please remember to "protect" each of the important events. Please also note that the broadcast time on each channel is subject to change by the content provider. Please visit the channel website for the most updated program schedule.

What is Letterbox format?
Letterbox (sometimes denoted as "LBX" in your on-screen guide) is best known as the format with "the black bars" on the top and bottom of the screen. This is a format that is used to watch a movie as it was presented in theatres since a movie screen is wider than your TV. In the letterbox format, the original movie screen size is kept intact, which produces a black bar on the top and bottom of the TV screen.

What does “STB” mean?
“STB” stands for “set-top-box”. A set-top-box is used to decode digital video and display the picture on your TV. All digital pay-TV systems use some type of STB to deliver their video to you. DishHD has two STB models available: our entry level 211t set-top-box and our premium 612t HD-DVR set-top-box. All DishHD customers need one of these STBs to watch the DishHD TV service.

What does “DTH satellite service” mean?
“DTH satellite service” is the acronym for a direct-to-home satellite service. DishHD is a DTH satellite service. We use state-of-the-art technology to send video directly to your home via satellite.

What does “DD” mean?
“DD” stands for “Dolby Digital”. When applicable, DishHD programming is accompanied by Dolby Digital 5.1 channel sound to perfect your viewing experience.

What does “DVR” mean?
“DVR” stands for “digital video recorder”. Our 612t DVR-STB comes standard with a DVR. A DVR allows you to pause live TV, rewind, fast-forward, and record any program to watch at a time that is convenient for you. With DVR technology, you will never have to worry about missing your favorite show, the big game, or an important educational program. It's time that television followed your schedule.

What does “EPG” mean?
The on-screen Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) allows easy access to program listings and information. Our award-winning interactive system gives you access to schedules, content descriptions, and ratings for all shows and channels in advance. DishHD's EPG keeps you informed and puts you in command.

What does “HDMI” mean?
“HDMI” stands for “high-definition multimedia interface”. It basically is a simple way to transmit both high quality video and audio over one wire. DishHD uses this one-wire HDMI connection to bring the ultimate television experience directly to your TV. With DishHD, one wire is all you need to get a pristine picture and crystal-clear sound.

What does “SD television” mean?
“SD television” refers to “standard-definition television”. Cable is a standard definition television service which broadcasts video with 345,600 pixels. This is the “standard video quality” that has been used to broadcast TV for decades and is quickly becoming obsolete due to the prevalence of higher quality HD broadcasts. Once you see HD for the first time you will not want to watch SD video ever again!

What does “HD television” mean?
“HD television” refers to “high-definition television”. HD television has 6 times the resolution of cable. DishHD's pristine quality HD 1080 offers you an incredibly sharp, vivid television picture. While analog cable broadcasts at 345,600 pixels, DishHD's signal can bring 2,073,600 pixels to your screen. That's six times the image quality! DishHD will unleash your television's maximum potential providing you the ultimate viewing experience.

Is DishHD 1080i or 1080p? What does the number 1080 mean?
Our service broadcasts in pristine quality 1080i. While we have plans for 1080p video on the DishHD service we are not currently offering 1080p video at this time. The number 1080 refers to the number of lines displayed on a TV screen from top to bottom.


How do I use an external hard drive with my set-top-box?

Users can connect an external hard drive to any model of DishHD's set-top-box. The external hard drive must be between 500GB to 2TB, replica watches and have an external power source. We do not recommend customers use USB powered hard drives. Copy protection restrictions apply to content recorded and can only be played within STB under same customer account. Please contact customer service to if you use external hard drive on DishHD's 211t STB; fees may apply.

Is it possible to watch separate programming on two televisions with one DishHD receiver?
No. Each TV needs its own DishHD receiver.

What is the benefit of HDTV over regular satellite TV?
Greater picture detail with higher resolutions, truer color, clearer reception, a theater-like widescreen picture and multi-channel Dolby Digital surround sound.

What is DVI and how is it better?
DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a digital video connection between HD receivers and supported HDTVs. This type of connection provides a high-quality image and no quality loss due to the fact that all signals are purely digital. DVI does not include audio.

How can I watch movies in Dolby® 5.1 (Dolby Digital)?
We are able to offer some programming with Dolby 5.1. If your audio visual equipment supports and is set up for Dolby Digital, you will be able to hear that programming in 5.1 surround sound.

Does DishHD have a warranty for your Set-Top-Boxes?
There is a one-year warranty from the date of original installation on both our 211t and our 612t HD-DVR set-top-boxes.

If I want to cancel the service, replica watches what do I do with the equipment already purchased?
If you would like to cancel the DishHD service you can sell your equipment back to either your local dealer or another potential DishHD customer. DishHD does not buy back used equipment or equipment that is out of warranty; but DishHD will activate used STBs that are in working order for any new customer.

I bought a used DishHD STB from a friend, how do I get DishHD?
Please visit a local dealer and ask them to verify that the used STB is in good working order. Once verified the dealer will work with you to get your DishHD system installed and working correctly in your home.

If my STB is not working, who do I contact?
If any part of your satellite system is not working, replica watches please contact your local dealer and he will work to get your system back up and running as soon as possible. Another option is to call DishHD at 0800-364-365 and we will work with you to get the problem solved.

I live in a house that has two TVs; can I use one dish with two STBs?
Yes, there are many different installation configuration options available to DishHD customers. Please contact your local dealer and explain your situation to him; then the dealer will design a viable solution for your unique situation.