DishHD Asia: System Features

 • EPG, DVR, HDMI, Multi-Screen Viewing, Parental Control Lock • 

DISH Network, the leader in the field of Satellite TV entertainment broadcasts innumerable shows and programs on the various digital programming channels for all the viewers across the nation. There are so many options provided that the viewers are never going to get easily bogged down with their HDTV. It is an amazing experience watching all your favorite programs, including movies, sports, soaps and various other shows through the stunning picture quality and Dolby digital sound that you usually experience in a movie theatre. You can watch a diverse range of programs with your entire family. Besides, replica watches you get the opportunity to make use of some of the coolest features making things quite easy for you while watching your choicest programs on TV. Let us explore some of these interactive features.

Electronic Programming Guide (EPG):

Almost everyday a diverse range of programs get broadcasted suiting the individual needs and
equirements of all the viewers belonging to different age groups and genres. There are so many things to watch which includes, sports, movies, reality series, talk shows, game shows, music and many more. Now each of these programs gets telecasted at their respected timings and on different channels. There are so many DISH Channels and their respective shows that it becomes really difficult and confusing for the viewers to keep a track of all the show timings. Invariably some of the favorite shows are missed in the process. But with Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) by your side there no need to worry at all.

The EPG or the Electronic Programming Guide is a user-friendly database that contains the details of all the shows ‘being features on various channels. All the shows and programs are methodically listed comprising of the show time, replica watches channel name and number along with the name of the show protagonist is any. The exact duration of the shows are also mentioned in the EPG list. You can browse through the list and accordingly select the show that you would like to watch.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR):

Now it is not always possible that you will be able to watch all your favorite shows right on time. There might be a number of reasons for you missing the show. But there is no need to feel bad. If at any point of time you feel that you are unable to make it on time for a particular movie or show, you simply set the timer on your DISH HD DVR and it will be do the recording as per your convenience. The DVR can record continuously for long hours.

Multi-Screen Viewing:

The Multi-Screen Viewing feature of the DISH Network Satellite TV helps you to view 6 programs at the same time on the same television screen. So without disturbing your son while he is busy watching his favorite cartoon, replica watches you can watch your favorite game of football. Your spouse can also watch her daily cookery show at the same time as well.

Parental Control Lock:

Sometimes some unsuitable content are aired on TV viewing which might have an adverse affect upon your little kid. Through the Parental Control Lock you can block all those channels that you feel are not at all suitable for your kid.