G Sat Suzhou SIP Installation

This is the Ku band satellite dish of 75cm in diameter. The dish is a little bigger than regular DishHD antenna which is 60cm. The dish requires two small supporting beams. It’s facing basically South.

g-sat-dish-75cm (1)

This the dish from back.

g-sat-dish-75cm (2)

This is how big and where it is normally installed.

g-sat-dish-75cm (3)

G SAT TV Channel List:

Firstly some Philippine local channels

g-sat-channel-list (2)

Continued with more local movie channels, Discovery Science and Russian Today.

g-sat-channel-list (3)

More better regular channels like Nick Jr., Animax, Boomerang, Aljazeera, Fox News,

g-sat-channel-list (4)

and local radios

g-sat-channel-list (5)

more basic English channels: CNN International, Channel News Asia, Bloomberg, France 24, NGC, History, Sony, Warner TV.

g-sat-channel-list (6)

AXN, Star World, ETC, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Solar Sports…

g-sat-channel-list (7)

some Taiwan and HK Chinese TV channels, FTV, Era News, TVBS, Phoenix, and Discovery HD.

g-sat-channel-list (8)

National Geographic Wild HD, Fox Sports 1 HD, Fox Sports 3 HD, Fight Sports, Golf HD, Sundance, HBO HD, Fox Premium HD, Fox Action HD, Fox Family HD

g-sat-channel-list (9)

last one is Outdoor HD.

g-sat-channel-list (1)


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