HDMI Extender

Constantly we have customers need to share the same tv channel into another room, like from living room to the bed room. Without spending almost double to buy a new DishHD box, the easiest way to achieve that is a AV wire link from the DishHD box to the second room TV.

We can use CAT5E internet wire to transfer Y/Pb/Pr format video and one audio sound track, but in many cases the result is not always ideal, there has been too much quality lost.

Today I tried an pair of HDMI Extender using CAT5E.  The price for this pair of sender and receiver is RMB600, plus the wire and cabling work costs RMB20 per meter. Total cost could be 600-800, depending on which mode we use, wire or wireless connection.

Here comes the pair of extender:

The sender, which is to be connected to the DishHD box. Please not that we only have one HDMI output port, if you use 211T or 612T, I suggest you to connect the first tv via Y/Pb/Pr, and use the HDMI port to connect to the “sender”. Bad news for 211T+ box user, there are no Y/Pb/Pr output, we have to use an extra HDMI splitter, one more device. ok, here comes the sender:

This is the “receiver”, which is to be connected to second TV, using another HDMI cable.

The defauldt mode is wire transer:

However the device can be set as wireless transfer via your internet router. The results depend on your wireless envirement, it has to be tested on site to know if the video transfer results is stable and fine. Please note it’s not always be possible, we have to set it up and test to know.

This UltraCat™ HDMI 1.3 to Cat-5e Super Extender Instructions explains things in a more detailed way. The difference is that UltraCat product uses two seperate cat-5e wires to do the transfer, which is more ideal but not practically fine. I have not tested UltraCat™ type because the device costs much more than this version of China made extender.

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