How To Hide A Dish Antenna?

To hide a dish installation, most likely for a balcony installation, or to make it not as obvious as those hanging outside of balcony, we can install the dish the following ways.

Option 1 is a standard installation method, the dish standing arm could be mounted on concrete wall or metal guard railing while the dish plate could be hiding behind the wall, leaving a space for satellite signals to be reflected to LNB.

Options 2: While when we try to install it inside, most often the problem is that the up edge of the opening space is blocking some percentage of signal, to solve the problem, the dish could be installed up side down, shown on the following diagram.

Either way, from the outside, especially viewing from bottom up to the high risings, the dish can not be spotted.

It’s much safer to install the dish a ‘invisible’ way as nothing will accidentally falling down so we have absolutely peace of mind in storm weathers. It meats some regulations against dish installations from some particular residential complexes.

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