Ku Band vs BSS Beam

When we check the AsiaSat4 signal footprint, we find that the satellite’s Ku band East Asia beam covers all China and some parts of Russia and Mongolia.

Recently we have a customer from Amur region of Russian Federation, the city right next to Heihe of China. I’m not sure if in such far a place do we really have some BSS beam coverage. Unfortunately the regular satellite meter do not detect BSS beam signal, most of the meters available on the market are DVB-S format. The Russian customer is so great the he managed to buy a ku band dish and satellite meter by himself and completed the installation right outside of his balcony.

The transponder we tested is 12274 V 6000 DVB-S, since there’s no 8PSK Turbo 10750 type of LNB available there. Using a normal type LNB, he’s able to find signal like the following:

When he finally receive the 211T+ box, connected, there’s no BSS signal detected. The box has to be sent back. He pays for the shipment and we refund him the balance. I’m interested in his satellite meter too so I told him to consider to sell it to me in the future the other day when it’s no more use for him, at discounted price of course.

To test th DishHD signal, it has to be a 8PSK dual-pole LNBF,  L.O. as 10.75Ghz.  The LNB our Russian friend used is 10602.  The LNB should be like the one you see in the gallery.

AsiaSat4 is not releasing BSS detailed footprint to the public.

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