Landlord Involved

All right, you are new in China. The housing issues is handled by either your housing agency or company assistants. Before or in the middle of your moving in, you are thinking of TV. Here you talk to your landlord, directly or via an agent, problems happen…

Landlord in nature is reluctant of spending more money to improve current condition of his property unless you would like to pay significantly higher price; agency in nature wants to fix the deal asap, and if possible, make some quick money as middle man by helping you handling things.

When you are listening to their sides of stories, it might be confusing.

Regular talks go like this:

Landlord: satellite tv is illegal in China!

Landlord: The only system available is this or that…
Not exactly, there are some alternatives like:

Dream at 113E at 108E

CBTV at 134E ( copy pirated box, connected to internet)

But DishHD has the best channel lineup and picture quality, there’s no question about it.

You landlord probably will talk to you about the 134E system because it costs much less than DishHD. It used a pirated box connecting internet, you can not expect it to be working stable, there are endless trouble.

About the copy box:

If he talk to you about the IPTV option, check this:

Anyway, after checking different options, you will finally find DishHD is a good choice after all, though you might need to increase your budget a bit, compare to other possibilities.

Advantage No.1 : Good Channels:

DishHD even has more channels than the packages in Australia and New Zealand. The best feature is high definition picture.

Anvantage No.2: Perfect Video Quality:
Check the DishHD quality here:

Back to the point, package price is RMB4,850 for one standard 211t box with a year’s subscription to all the channels.

Do we have some Chinese channels?

Yes, from August on, all the Chinese channels are covered in the package already. Extra Chinese channels are:
ETTV Asia, TVBS, TVBS G, CTiTV, Phoenix, ETTV, TVBS News Phoenix News, CCTV Finance

I think you can make a decision based on your own judgement now.

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