Lost Satellite Signal

After the storm went through Shanghai, we had the first ‘lost satellite signal’ report from subscribers.








To make sure it is a dish position problem. I ask him to check the signal quality first. You can find your signal quality here through a few clicks of remote buttons:

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Please note that on AsiaSat4 there are only 5 transponders carring DishHD channels, they are transponder 1,3, 5, 9 , 13, 17, the other transponders are empty. So when you check signal, make sure the transponder is on 1,3, 5, 9 , 13, 17.
Format is DVB-S2 8PSK Turbo, a very special way of transmission, other than other broadcasters. ( you don’t have to know this )

For example, if you have the same picture as above, it means your dish position is wrong, we have to go fix it. Normally it was caused by nature’s power strong wind, alternatively, the building got a cover wash and the workers touched the dish and changed it’s original location. Either way, the dish has to be realigned.

We always mark the dish for it’s idea azimuth and elevation, so you can firstly check if it was significantly moved around, left or right, up or down. If it was wind, most likely it’s left or right, if it work by winder washers, most likely it is up or down. Loose the screws a bit, change it back to it’s original position, in the mean time check if you have signal indicator on TV screen. If you are lucky, you could possibly fix it by yourself so you don’t have to wait us for coming.

Please note we have to charge ¥100-200 for the dish work, for transportation, parking and time. Please understand the problem is caused by nature power or human damage, not because of failure of dish installation itself.

Some times we have to install the dish on a position not ideal,  like corner of building where is much windy than inside of balcony, there’s a higher chance that the dish be blew to wrong position. Please understand this is not our fault, we do not want to install it there either, but there were no options left for us to choose from.


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