Moving Place and Dish Re-Installation

2 months ago one of my customers family left Shanghai, back to their US home, from one of the well renewed Wulumuqi road lane house. They were so kind that they asked me to take the receiver box back, which is still valid of subscription. There was a dish hidden somewhere outside on the little terrace and they wanted me to take it away if I think it’s still useful to other people.

I took the receiver box only, leaving the dish there, in the mean time checked the signal distribution hub hidden in a secret place. I know maybe I have to go back to this house again in the future to serve some other new customers because it happened in the past.

Yesterday I received a dish re-installation request from another customer, telling me that he’s moving out from his Xingguo road apartment, to a lane house, which turned to be exactly the lane house I said above.

The re-installation work is quick today. I know how the whole network is designed, where hides distributors to check, where are the connections. Since we can only hook up 2 or 3 boxes to one dish to guarantee good signal reception, I quickly switched connectors to the hub, and tested each location to make it works perfectly. I noticed the astonished looking on customer’s face, looking at me checking out places like i’m at my home. I showed him a note paper magnetized on the fridge with my name an cell phone number on it. I told him that I have been serving the previous two families in this house. I actually worked with the renovation workers to design the whole signal distribution network, leaving much flexibility to the future room layout changes.

Before leaving I put my new card on the fridge, charging only half as normal because the previous work save us much time and effort. This is how I offer extra value to customer so they know that I know what I’m doing, they are going to have a peace of mind.

I have a personal “See You Next Year” policy: I know people hate to see a dish and cable guy, each time they see me, it means there’s problem to fix and nobody likes problem, neither do I.  Most problems could be anticipated and fixed before it happens. If there’s a potential problem ignored in the first place, it happens for sure in the future. 11 years of experiences enables me to anticipate 99% of possible problems. As long as we have an option to avoid the risk, we will spent time working on it, to erase it so I have a peace of mind because I know customers won’t call me because of it at least.

When I leave a place, I say “see you next year”, only until the time of subscription renewal ( I love to see people in this case only, cash in hand, double check we are apart again, until the other next year!)

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