Nanjing DishHD Installation

Last weekend one Nanjing customer finally decided to switch from Dream to DishHD. After 6 years of subscription to Dream they are sort of disappointed with Dream’s channels package.

The system had been working extremely well but the most important thinking, channel lineup and video quality is disappointing people again and again. We don’t even see any initiatives from Dream to give it’s customers one solid reason to keep renewing it.

Thanks to the free market. We have  a better choice now at least, from US DishTV’s Taiwan offers, the DishHD Asia.

This time we brought a 612t box with 500GB. To switch from Dream to DishHD is simple. In almost all cases, as long as there’s a 113E signal reception, it’s sure that we can tune the dish a little bit to the left, to 122E, then switch box to DishHD 211t or 612t, then it works!

The whole work took only an hour including a onsite box activation.

We charged extra for the round trip railway transportation from Shanghai to Nanjing and back, it is a 1.5 hours trip and total cost to and back is about 300. Plus some city taxi, the total extra is only RMB400.

We didn’t charge for the extra time spent on transportation at all. The advantage of paying us for the dish antenna instillation is that we bring with us good quality dish and accessories, we do the job professionally, the antenna is going to be there serving us for a long time and we try the best to keep possible problems from happening.

This weekend of 15th September, there’s another Nanjing installation scheduled.

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