New To Shanghai Looking For TV Options

  • New to shanghai looking for tv options. Could you advise cost and if the dish can be installed in any aprtment 

We have two different satellite TV packages: Dream & DishHD. They are two different independent satellite TV services based on subscription. They use the same size 55cm ku band dish, Yes, we can install it on apartment balcony. In terms of price, please check respectively: Dream & DishHD.

Few questions:

1. Between Dream and Dish HD, which has more channels? In terms of video quality, I prefer HD.

DishHD has more channels, there are only two channels not covered by DishHD, compare to Dream, they are History and Star Sports, and Cartoon Network. In terms of video quality, most of the channels of DishHD are high definition, the other SD channels have better general picture quality too.

2. For Dish HD it seems that there is also a recording option?

Yes, both 612T and 211T+ simplified version allows the recording DVR function, the difference is that there’s a built in hard disk in 612T, and you can watch one channel while recording the other; for the 211T+ box, you can connect an extra independent hard disk via USB connection but prefered to be seperately powered. A 500Gb disk you can record around 80-100 hours of programs. Most of the independent hard disks on the market have much larger capacity.  The 612T package costs 400 more only. However, we do not have 612T box in stock for now. I suggest you to take the 211T+ box, buy your own better quality larger capacity extra hard disk.

3. For Dish HD, can I get Disney and cartoon network? It is not in the list

No, there’s no Disney and Cartoon Network. Sorry we can not add on extra channels on either package.

4. Does Dish HD have English premier league and Champions league soccer?

This is all about Fox Sports, formerly know as ESPN and Star Sports. DishHD now has Fox Sports, half English half Chinese, in HD. While Dream has both Fox Sports and Star Sports. Most likely the EPL is covered by Star Sports. You can check their broadcasting schedule to make sure which channel covers which.

5. Is there an option to get indian channels and Cricket channels as well?

Sorry, no. There are so called IPTV on the market, indeed they are illegal rebroadcasting of different commercial satellite tv packages, you can not relay on it’s stability. Check this post: Do not trust IPTV.

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