DishHD Asia: Best HDTV Available in China

 • DishHD Asia's Absolute Advantages Over China HD Satellite TV Broadcasters • 

DishHD Asia was launched in summer of year 2010. Until now DishHD has only one qualified competitor in the region. The only other package available in HD, other than DishHD in China, is Cignal system of Philippines, which is not leagally available in China.

DishHD Asia Advantanges:

1. More Channels

DishHD Asia has more channels than Cignal. Cignal carries 8 HD channels out of it's 28 channel package. The 8 channels are: Star Movies HD, Discover HD, History HD, NGC HD, HBO HD, ESPN HD, FOOD Network HD, NBA Premium HD.
DishHD has 6 channels of Cignal, except ESPN HD and History HD. While considering that DishHD has over 60 channels, there are much more channels that Cignal doesn't cover at all, especially more channels from the US.

2. Central Services

A 24/7 customer service office in Taiwan, also respondses calls from mainland China. DishHD's new unit activation takes around 15 minutes while to activate a Cignal unit, we have to do it two days before the installation.

3. Open to Public

DishHD is open to public of a large area including mainland China. Cignal limited itself in Philippines, though there are people managed to get it over to mainland China but the subscription is always under a philippino name and credit card. This means the subscription could not be secured considering the nature of this international operation through different dealers.

4. Advanced STB receiver.

DishHD receiver is far more advanced than Cignal's receiver box. DishHD even integrated DVR function to 211T box. Customer only need to buy any type of hard drive disk to record their favourate programming. Cignal has no DVR function. DishHD's 612T box even allow people to watch one channel while recording another at backstage.

5. Smaller Dish

Dish antenna size smaller. DishHD uses a 0.55m dish to get stable signal reception in China. Cignal requires at least a 0.75m dish to get signal, not to say stable reception. As far as our experiences proved, we need a 0.90m dish to get quality signal, especially in the raining seasons of Shanghai.

6. Greater Signal Coverage

DishHD satellite signal covers a larger area in China, while Cignal's coverage is limited to Eastern part of the nation.

6. Better Video Quality

DishHD has better video quality up to 1080. DishHD boxes offer more personally setting functions like theme and search, HDTV setup and Dobby audio output. DishHD boxes also offer alternative AV output like Y/Pb/Pr and regular RCA output. This feature is especially helpful when you would like to share the receiver to another TV in a second room.