DishHD Asia at 122.2°E Dish antenna: 55cm (shanghai & Beijing)  | Direction: South Future Renewal: only yearly renewal available.  | Supports: Channel List Change History  |  DishHD Asia Official Website  |  Satellite Dish Installation Examples: 1, 2. 3, 4  |  622t Box Channel Lineup (updated 2016-08-06) Note: The channel lineup is subject to change without prior notice to subscribers. Recent

Software Upgrade Before June 30th 2016.

All 622t set-top-box units are required to upgrade the software by June 30th to continue the service. When you see the pop-up on your screen , please press ENTER and patiently wait for the complete download. Reboot the system after the download. Reboot: unplug box power cord, connect it again in 5 minutes, then the