Software Upgrade Notice

Please update your DishHD box software to keep up the upgraded EPG features, as well as other DishHD box functions. Box: 211t, new version software is: T107RSAB-N Box 211t+, new version software is :T120KEBH-N Box 612t, new version software is :T115RTAB-N You can manually upgrade the software: Menu, Information Upgrade, set it up as automatically

Toonami Channel Removed

Toonami (CH#6560) is NOT available starting from Sept 26, 2013. I’m sorry to post this bad news:( Currently in the Kids channels there are BabyTV SD, Nickelodeon SD and Chinese versions of Yoyo and Disney Junior. Toonami was¬†Cartoon Network‘s primary action-animation block. It’s like a AXN for kids, all the actions, I watched the channel,