Pre-Installation Check

When you are moving into a new apartment, it’s better to be checked out for dish installation before you move in. In this case firstly we check a 3rd floor apartment, from the window looking out it’s like this: It turned to be too low for an enough elevation for the dish. The building in

Setting Up to Display in HD

“I just bought a new 211t+, I need to use 50Hz. but in the box, it is showing 60Hz, how can I change to 50Hz manually. I have an old 211t, I can change to 50Hz, but on 211t+, there is no such option. pls let me know how to change to 50Hz on 211t+”

WarnerTV Upgraded To WarnerHD

WarnerTV brings your favorite American TV series straight to your television. Watch popular comedies, gripping dramas, and blockbuster movies while enjoying this hit-TV channel brought to you by Warner Bros. Studio. Feature Programming: Arrow Season 1 Reinventing the DC Comics character for a modern- day audience, ARROW is not a superhero, but a hero every