Payment: Online Banking

Beside cash payment upon installation, you can pay us after the installation when you feel good of the system working for a few days. To transfer the money to our company bank account, you need to have any of the local bank accounts with an online banking activated.

See this example of online transfer. It’s instant and easy.

The benefit of the online transfer to company account is that you have official payment proof, to a registered business account so you don’t have any worry about the after sales service. The payment proof is a very solid kind of service agreement in China.

We can also issue official Chinese value-added invoice accordingly after the transfer is done. The item on the invoice is going to be “service fee” since the major cost of DishHD package is the subscription. The installation and dish do not cost major part at all.

To get an official invoice, you need to give us either your full name ( in English is fine )  or your business company name. The invoice is normally used by your accountant for your living cost and expenses reimbursement.

If you do not have any online banking account, go to any bank’s branch counters, fill in a transmission form, they will do it for you.  It requires some Chinese writing, make sure you can do it. Alternatively you can print the email with our company bank account information, ask the clerk to help you fill it in. Remember to bring you your ID, passport.

Let us know before the installation which way you prefer to pay. Online transfer to company account is preferred. Thanks.

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