Professional Dish Installer Shanghai

Why you need a professional dish installer who knows his job. What’s the difference of a bad installer, a regular and a good installer?

A bad dish installer creates problems intensional so they have excuses to ask for extra fee because of he says that your case is difficult than other cases and he intensional leave possibilities of problems there so in the new future you have to call him back, then it’s time you are charged extra for the repair work.

A regular installer is not fully aware of what he’s doing. Lack of necessary knowledge or experiences, he’s simply not fully qualified for a dish installation job, he has no idea of how staff work and why it has to be done in the way it goes.

A GOOD installer foresees problems of future and tries his best to aviod it at the first place. He knows mother nature’s power in the long run and he thinks of years later, not months later. Seasons, weather, plants around, grass cutter’s work, window cleaners, wind, storm, rain, sunshine, humidity, even dog bites are all well considered. The dish installation can cabling should avoid slowly damage of all the above factors.

1. Whenever possible, I do not drill holes on concrete wall. The principle is easy of installation and easy of removing, the work is better done fast.” Why do you have to think about removing, you have no idea how long the customer is going to live in China at all?” A regular installer might be asking. Yes, I have been doing this for 10 years and I do know people really move around. When I go for a removing, no traces left, no damage left, I can do it fast, it save myself time as well.

Out of balcony there are now two dishes. The left one is the newly added dish for Dream. The customer hired another guy to installed the DishHD dish which is on the right, for his 612t box from Taiwan. Note there’s only one cable connected to the dual LNB. The installer told him it’s ok, but he can not watch one channel while recording the other, or to record two channels at the same time. Later on I just reinstalled the 122E dish.

2. I use replacement screws, stainless steel screws last much longer than normal ones. The dish makers do not want the dish antennas last for ever. They want you to install a new one every a few years so they continue to have new businesses. The trick lays on screws. Over the years I found that dishes themselves do not rust, the screws did! Once screws are rusted, problem happen: dish position might change a bit, signal lost, picture cutting in and off, then it’s time to repair it. When we touch the dish at this moment, there’s nothing we can do since the screws are all deadly rusted. You have to buy a new dish! It’s not fair. Simply replacing all the screws, we have a very low repair rate!

3. Special dish arm bracket, 30 minutes the dish is set up perfect and strong.

Dish antenna installation expertises:

1. Standard installation on concrete wall side.
2. Special installation on metal guard railings.
3. Special installation on roof.
4. Installation with special bracket on balcony.

The dish is 0.55m in diameter, facing direct South of 12 o’clock direction in Shanghai. We use DishHD LNBF only, frequency high 10750 & low 10750Mhz.

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