Satellite TV udong Vizcaya Villas Installation

This is a customer switched from Dream system to G Sat. When we installed at first place we talked about cabling on terrace corner, not on grass earth corner because I know sooner or later the workers are going to cut the cable when they are cutting the grass.

Every thing which is possibly happen will happen. 6 months later it was cut. The customer is so kind that he didn’t call me for repair, spotted the problem by himself, he connected it his way. Amazingly it worked fine for another 6 months!

Yesterday I learned that there was no signal. I went over this morning, checked the dish by satellite meter, found signal perfect. Then I checked through cable where I found two bad connections which were hidden into the earth:

I had to make the cable shorter so I only need one connection to fix it. The more connectors the more potential problems. After it was properly fixed, signal is all fine, but the box won’t work immediately afterwards, we have to give it a few minutes for it to establish link to the satellite, I explained it like a “buffering”.

This is how the dish looks like after 1.5 years. The cable was longer before tied on railing. I had to cut it shorter to make a proper connector.

Wherever I can, I don’t use self-expansion bolts for concrete base installation. I hate drilling holes on anything.

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